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Blackd Proxy para tibia 10.78 BAIXAR

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Blackd Proxy para tibia 10.78 BAIXAR Empty Blackd Proxy para tibia 10.78 BAIXAR

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Blackd Proxy Tibia 10.78 Download

The first code - in this section you will find the basic functions of the bot
The second Runemaker - here you can find the typical options for advanced combustion lot of work
3rd Cavebot - autoexpienia and attacking option
4th Warbot - here you will find options. Dot treat friends and useful for PK
Fifth Tools - this tab is not very useful options, plain "Bajer"
6th HP & Mana - which set a bookmark for each treatment
Advanced 7th - the tab for advanced users
8th keyboard - the usual shortcuts
Coach 9th -Works dedicated to training
10th Proxy - Here you will find options to connect
11th events - events and very powerful alarm options
12 Stealth - replaces the recently completed command window writing on the Tibia client and bar games
13? (Events) - Contingent liabilities
14th stop alarm - This option has one task - to stop the alarm
15th Tutorial - This option is only so that we can quickly see the overview bot
16th Tibia - Tibia can quickly turn a customer
17th Tibia MC - This option is used to enable MC

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